Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tour de Fat

Saturday was one of our favorite annual events. It’s the touring circus-y celebration with the themes of cycling and beer put on by New Belgium Brewing Co., called Tour de Fat (think Fat Tire Beer). They bring bands, acrobats, beer and more (it's all free except the beer), but it’s very participant-oriented. Costumes are strongly encouraged, with costumed people and bikes being the fun part of the parade. Below was one of the coolest local parade bikes (and the original meanings of "bicycle" and "bike" will be suspended here, because all these contraptions have varying numbers of wheels, but all vehicles are non-motorized).

The weather was perfect! Sunny and about 75-80°.

Bat!!Muscles look good in fishnet!

MrB dressed as Santa... sort of, anyway. Loved his costume but he took it off after the parade (too warm). I was dressed as Batman's crazy Texas aunt who got left out of the will.
One of the contraptions New Belgium brought. Spin yourself around and try not to fall off. They also bring a collection of weirdly-designed and challenging bikes that you can attempt to ride. They are fun, even though some (most) require more skill than I have. The kids don't have much trouble though. I enjoyed the ones made from office chairs. comfy.
Acrobats taking advantage of some audience volunteers.
This is like a 3-way telephone, but it was (maybe unintentionally) equipped with 3-way "smell-o-vision."
Squirm-Burpee Circus bike in front with Austin-based "buggy" bike in back.
New-Orleans-style car funeral precedes the giveaway of a bike to someone who wants to trade their car for it. I think most of the cars traded are probably clunkers, but a nice thing for the environment if everybody could do that, yes?


AArdvarker said...

Great pictures. It looks like a lot of fun!


I have a feeling my friend shady lane was there..although I know she never misses the day of the dead celebration and parade..she's always in it..

Blueberry said...

Great stuff. I'd like to go to DOTD (I think it costs something though).