Thursday, October 15, 2009


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30 Republicans voted against a bill with an amendment that prevents taxpayer dollars from going to contractors (such as KBR/Halliburton, etc.) who don't permit employees to bring charges against them after being raped by co-workers [more info and details on ThinkProgress].

In 2005 a KBR employee was gang-raped by co-workers, then locked in a shipping container by the company for 24 hours without food or a bed, to prevent the incident from being reported, then was not allowed to press criminal charges due to something in her contract. Apparently this is not an isolated incident. As pointed out by Jon Stewart, this kind of thing just isn't a big deal to these 30 Republicans, it's not like the tax money is going to ACORN or something!

[EDIT Oct 16: here is the list of the Yeas and Nays if you want to look up yours. For Texas, Cornyn is one of the infamous 30 Nays and Hutchinsen is a Yea.]

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them sonsabtiches...I saw this on Jon Stewart..dont know which ass I want to kick more the contractors or the fecking republicans..