Friday, October 23, 2009

Is that any way to feed kids?

This week we received no less than two identical 9x12 envelopes with plastic windows, each one filled with a stack of holiday wrapping paper, sticky gift tags, and pleas for donations to "Save the Children." I know that charities use the guilt approach to get people to donate to them - guilt because someone has sent you a gift and you should be ashamed not to at least send a little something back.

It has the opposite effect on me. All I can think of is "why are you spending the money that people give you for the children on stupid free gifts that I really don't want instead of actually buying food and shelter with it?" It's a big turnoff when a charity does that, especially if there is great need. To me it just makes the sender seem wasteful, not the right message.

And we have so many address labels that it's more than a lifetime supply. Really! We mail maybe one thing a month, birthday card or something.

But honestly... you charities... quit sending this unwanted crap, the wrapping paper, cards, address labels, calendars, or at least check your address database to make sure the same household doesn't receive multiples. This time of year it arrives in stacks.



i so agree..i am always getting the christmas name tags and package stickers...stupid people..

AArdvarker said...

Amen. There is a food pantry close to my house at a church where I am going tomorrow. Why donate for useless stuff that will end up in some landfill?

Hill said...