Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Endangered species in a can

Saw this story about an animal wrangler who was gored to death by a rare deer that was being loaded into one of those exotic game hunting ranches - a place where animals are gathered from all over the world, and confined on the premises to be killed for "sport." It's a canned trophy hunt of the most barbaric kind.

This particular ranch is a favorite of some celebrities, including Ted Nugent, who will be attending a Huntbash there this winter that will cost the participants $3,500 per person (can Sarah Palin be far behind? Or Dick Cheney?). I am really turned off by people who enjoy killing, but this is not even hunting... they bring the animals into an area and the customer kills them, cuts off the head (and/or skin) to mount on the wall, proving to all that humans are superior to lower beasts. Cowardly and sickening. It's not about food.

What I am really shocked about is the the deer, called a barasingha, is on the list of endangered species! How is it that people are allowed to hunt an endangered species?

The animal itself also died from the exertion of the attack - but it already had a death sentence on it anyway.


Anonymous said...

That link didn't work for me, but probably just as well.

It is stories like these that make me just a tad more misanthropic with each passing day.
Cowards? Oh yes, as well as redneck, inbred, bloodthirsty morons who enjoy slaughtering hundreds of innocent creatures.

If you're starving/naked in the woods, yes, you pretty much have to kill and skin an animal. Otherwise, there is no reason for it.

P.S. Ted Nugent makes me ill!

Blueberry said...

BB, have fixed the link.
yup.. pretty much my sentiments too. (hoping I am never starving/naked in the woods - but would surely end up feeding the wildlife rather than the other way around).