Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall colors

A little different down here than the usual glorious turning of the leaves that occurs further north, but still glorious. We had that record-breaking summer, hottest ever with extreme drought to go with it - and the distress caused the Crape Myrtles delay blooming until the rains came recently (still in drought, but the plants are happier). So gorgeous, choked with pink flowers.
What I love best about them is that they spread pink flowers all over everything.

This is Texas Lantana.

Brilliant red Turk's Cap is thick all over the place.

I really love this color, this is Orange Cosmos. Gorgeous.

This beauty sprouted up as a lone flower right in the middle of the path. We think it's called Meadow Pink, but not sure.*[see comments - Pink Rain Lily] A couple of those little black specks are ants doing their business. It's all alone, so it must have been planted by a bird.


Dr. Monkey said...

Looks lovely.

Lemmy Caution said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year without question. Very nice pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

AArdvarker said...

I had one of those pink flowers blooming in my beds too. It was a pink rain lily...looked exactly the same!

Blueberry said...

Sure enough, I think it is a pink rain lily. Yours is also a single flower?