Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beware of Young Earth Darwin book

If you are wanting to purchase a copy of Darwin's "The Origin of the Species, 150th Anniversary Edition" this is something that you should be aware of. There are a couple of versions out there, and one is bogus. If you search for the book on amazon, the first one to turn up is an abridged version (a couple hundred pages shorter) that includes a 50 page introduction written by a young-earth creationist!

This video explains the problems that this has caused. People who like the book are giving the creationist version very low ratings, and because reviews and ratings of both versions have been jumbled together in some cases, the untainted 150th Anniversary Edition is being dragged down with the other one. Video NSFW (language, written and spoken):

Comments on YouTube suggest that some of the issues have been fixed by after lots of complaints, but that doesn't change two things:
- There is a creationist-muddied version of the book out there that will be purchased by mistake.
- The reviews/ratings/search results on are often sorted, cherry-picked, or call it what you want. The creationist book is at the top of the related searches even though it's out of stock and now carries only a one star rating.



Anonymous said...

Blame Kirk Cameron and his merry band of ignorant assholes! They are the ones who are behind the "abridged" version.

One woman on youtube suggested using the creationist mumbo jumbo as toilet paper. Sounds about all it would be good for!

Blueberry said...


Aren't there any Darwin descendants or legal reps who could sue?