Tuesday, March 07, 2006

24 Dead Pool

In an extension of my shallow TV and movie reviews, I am making my predictions on which characters are going to survive this season of 24. I was right in predicting that we’d lose Edgar. I am sad to see him go. I liked Edgar. He’s a good guy, and like Chloe, not a “Hollywood” character… more like somebody you actually work with. I hope that Chloe makes it, really. Chloe and Jack. To the end. And Tony! Yeah!

Jack’s daughter Kim is back with a new boyfriend who is older than her Dad for chrissake. Jack and the boyfriend are not going to be friends, which means the boyfriend gets to stick around awhile while they hate each other, but I think Kim is history. One more episode.

Audrey may also get one or two more episodes. Jack does not get to keep loved ones… it’s just a matter of time. Bill is going away because he’s a dull good guy. Too regular… and now Tony is recovered and will be able to take over CTU when Bill dies.

President Logan… oh please… does anybody need killing more than this guy? The Vice President is trying to compete but still hasn’t taken the prize. I think the First Lady will probably exit before the end. She will be caught in the crossfire or something, or maybe caught in another scandalous hand-holding episode with the head of Secret Service, which means he isn’t going to make it either. The nerve! Mike is probably going to take all of them out, but only as a last resort. One thing that will never happen is that the President will be in the White House, or anywhere near Washington DC. He and his whole staff are always in California in some facility that was decorated in the seventies.

Dave Barry missed this week's double ep, but still had some hilarious observations. See the sidebar. I will make no guess on who Jack will shoot in the thigh next.

EDIT: While I'm at it, I want to add Lynn (Sean Astin) to the list. It's not going to be pretty.

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Spicy Cauldron said...

24 is a series myself and David cannot fathom. We love it and yet we watched only the entire first series when screened, went out and got the DVD set, watched the first few episodes of series 2 then life got in the way, so we bought the box set and are only halfway through it over a year or so later and then we went and bought series 3 on DVD which we haven't even opened since we got it over six months ago. The fact that every episode segues into the next has become a little daunting to us. We're avoiding season 4 until we can get it together to watch 2 and 3. x

Blueberry said...

Oops! I guess this posting presented a spoiler then. I will try to put "spoiler" on them from now on. 24 is one of our guilty pleasures. It's not a *good* show but I won't miss it. We're addicted. It's like having an unhealthy but tasty snack. ;-)

DrewL said...

24 is an exceptionally entertaining show! We enjoy it immensely.

Sorry to see Edgar go, as well.