Saturday, March 25, 2006

Teddy Thompson

I have been listening to *lots* of this Teddy Thompson CD this week. Just what I need... another favorite artist to add to my list. I didn't just fall in love with his voice after the brief show at the No Depression Party at the Cactus last week.

That happened a few years ago. KGSR used to spin this Richard Thompson song called "Persuasion", a heart-achingly beautiful gem which features a duet with Teddy (his son), co-written with (and also recorded by) Tim Finn. To my knowledge, the duet can only be found on this CD, Action Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years. It was the main reason I bought the CD, although it's jam-packed with plenty of other tunes that are worth the rest of it all by themselves too.

But back to Teddy... you would never guess that he was the son of Richard and Linda Thompson, not based on his voice. Musical talent is obvious an inherited trait though. His voice can be compared to James Taylor's in that every note sounds perfect, like the sound of a clear bell, but TT's has got much more of an edge than JT's. It's not so sweet, bittersweet at best, with plenty of soul and just as much beauty. Also, he's a great songwriter. This CD is all keepers, no skipovers. He's got an earlier CD that I'm sure will be in my hot little collection soon. Also, if you are in Austin, Teddy has 2 shows coming up at the Cactus (solo acoustic) on April 4&5, also one in Dallas before he heads over to Europe.

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RobertG said...

I just bought the soundtrack for Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man. The music is a tribute concert held in Sydney in January of 2005. Teddy Thompson sings "Tonight Will Be Fine" and "The Future". I recommend the CD whether or not you are a fan of Cohen's songs which have new life breathed into them by these musicians.

Thanks for the tip about his material.