Monday, March 06, 2006

The world inside the fence

Well, Spring is here and it's time for some changes. We have been trying to attract as many birds to the yard as possible, but everything seems to be working against it. First a hawk of some kind cleared the area pretty good of all birds, one way or the other, then we cleaned out the houses to find a lot of wasp nests.

Then this de-wasped house was moved closer to the house, and right away got the wasps back again. We are officially giving up on this birdhouse. Want a free birdhouse? Scrub it down before using.

My husband's been finding these great yard art bargains. I love this!! Cheap, funky, and pre-rusted. $7 at Top Drawer Thrift.

Here's another one!

In addition to almost giving up on birds, we also lost two trees this Spring. It really hurts but they were damaged and needed to go. Also, one was a big water-sucker, and we are still in a drought. It's going to be a lot sunnier in the yard, but, hey... welcome to Texas. This is one new little addition planted near where one of the old ones stood. It's a tiny baby live oak. Get ready for shade... in about 20 years.

Here's what's in the area of the other lost tree. I call these Robo-pots. Tub-Dudes. Gotta contain that bamboo though. We don't have enough real estate for invasives. I would love it, but not sure the neighbors want a yard full of bamboo. We have to ask ourselves, "What would Hank Hill want?" Um... probably not that.

There it is, the backyard in Spring, ready for thick wildflowers which will start busting out this month and peak next month... plus tons of butterflies... and tons of mosquitoes too. It's just that time of year.


Spicy Cauldron said...

The sun face thing looks like a doorknob. Is it? It's wonderful, whatever it is. I love finding treasure! x

Blueberry said...

The sun face thing is actually pretty big, about a yard wide. It has clear colored marbles all over as though light is supposed to shine through. I think it's neat!