Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cheap thrills

SXSW Music is nearly upon us, and I have been working like a fiend on my spreadsheet, trying to figure out where we can be and at what time without superpowers. We don't get wristbands, in fact we aren't going to go to more than a couple of official showcases. We do the various day shows, that are mostly free.

Like tomorrow morning, we are planning on being at the Four Seasons at about 6 a.m. (we shall see...) to see Kris Kristofferson, Stephen Bruton, Friends of Dean Martinez, and Jessi Colter. Nothing like Wednesday Mornin' Comin' Down. Lyle Lovett will probably still be sitting in with the radio crew and doing the weather reports. Last year he spent the week doing that, and has been at it since Monday of this week. It was pretty cool, he was sitting there on the couch, and I was sitting right by him on the floor while the bands played a few feet away. He looked over and smiled at me while the Greencards were playing. He was enjoying them! That did my heart good.

After the breakfast show we'll head back out in early afternoon for the Guitartown party (Steve Wynn, James McMurtry, Scrappy Jud, Jon Dee Graham, etc. I will pass on the Gourds. I'd rather not actually watch them) and the one across the street, (Glen Phillips, etc.) hop over to the Austin Music Hall to see who won the Music Awards. That should do us for Wednesday, then comes Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and collapse. Sunday is a show with Nickel Creek at Gruene Hall. There's so much to do here in March, it's just stupid.

Blogging might be light for the rest of the week with the wacko schedule, plus I still have hired work to do at home... so bizzy bizzy.

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Jeen Lilly said...

I do plan on getting a better grip on SXSW next year. What with starting work and not knowing where anything is -- I've made a conscious grown up decision of putting work first.

It's gonna be quite the wage-slave wake up, lemme tell you.

Thursday Morning I start my job at.. [cough, drum roll]

Oh, Merciful Heavens.

The upside of it is -- being a classic non-morning person the morning hours have a way of slipping right past my consciousness -- half the day will be done while I'm still on auto pilot.

The bad news -- to get to work I have 20 minutes on the drive-of-death -- 2222. Pre-dawn.

hmmmm well at least there'll be less traffic... ya think?

Take notes and share all you experience, I'll be checking in when I can...


Jeen Lilly said...

oh hey -- speaking of Nickel Creek --
Sean Watkins has a solo album that was just released yesterday, called "Blinders On".
It's on my list of must gets.

Blueberry said...

Nickel Creek is supposed to play behind Yard Dog on South Congress today at 1:45. It's free. Come on down! I will get that CD today or on Sunday, for sure.

As for SXSW, if you just go up and down South Congress after noon hits, well maybe 3pm, there is plenty of free entertainment this weekend. Jo's Coffee, Guero's Taco Courtyard, behind Yard Dog gallery, behind Beck's, Continental Club (depending on the day). All walking distance from each other (be careful crossing the street) and all free... unless you buy CDs... which means I need more CD money... bought 2 yesterday.

I am working on my coverage and will post it whenever I get the photos all prepped.