Sunday, March 12, 2006

Couldn't ugly up this weekend!

This weekend helped to smooth out my attitude, which could only have improved. Saturday we went to see the long-awaited The Libertine, the Johnny Depp feature that has been basically shelved for 2 years. I thought he was really great in it, and probably uglied up more than I've ever seen before. It got thumbs up from us, and do see it if just for him... and no... that picture's not an example of the "uglied up" version.

The weekend had really beautiful weather, so after spending part of the day indoors we went to the Nutty Brown in the evening to see the South Austin Jug Band. It was a really fine night, great temperature and a good breeze blowing, plus really good music. It's a nice venue, but I wish it weren't food oriented. Basically it's like a dinner theatre, people eat and go, but there's plenty of dancing room... just plenty of room, the place is huge.

Sunday was another beautiful day, but I spent most of it working right here on this Powerbook. No escaping that. Finished watching Jarhead on Friday, which I really liked a lot, and North Country on Sunday, thumbs up all around, but no spoilers offered here.

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