Saturday, December 13, 2008

Castles in the sky - everything's going to be alright

Well, it's hard to know where to start. There's some major change in the air. Are you feeling it? I mean beyond getting a President Obama, I mean more on a personal level. We've been getting good news, bad news, and news that just means big changes for whatever they are worth. Some of it seems like big news until something really big comes along and makes it seem trivial.

We meet and make friends with so many people while waiting in line at the venues, and then, often, you spend the evening with those same folks - you get acquainted and look forward to seeing each other at the next show. One of our Del Castillo extended family has died. It was the husband of a woman who was also a fan of the band, and they always came together to the shows (much like MrB and me) and we would save each other a spot stageside if need be. The band played this song as a dedication to him on Friday. The intro with the dedication is not in the vid, but right at the end they say "For our friend, Mike." It's called Castles. Pretty song.
Direct link.

The same day I heard that news, I found out my friend is marrying the love of her life sometime in Spring. It's like a fairy-tale story, that one is. I am thrilled. It helps to calm the waters of what's beginning to feel like the vortex of a drain.

This is it, folks, we're doing it live.

Hug the one you're with.

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Ptelea said...

What a nice tribute to one of their extended family. Yes, hug the one you're with AND keep savoring all those good times. The future does seem so uncertain.