Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ghosts of New Years Past

This post is dedicated to all those New Years events I used to go to, where everybody gets as drunk as they can as fast as they can (Open bar!!! Wooooo!!), and there's a cover band who gets work mostly at weddings and New Years Eve. There are obligatory songs that must be played. I've tried to find some entertaining versions of them.

no, not Ike and Tina or Credence Clearwater. This is Leonard Nimoy, and if you haven't heard this, you must check it out. Really... try to make it through.

not bad, but a sprinkle of cheese. This one come early in the evening to break the ice and get you up on the floor.
SHOUT Animal House made this one required. This is one of those wedding reception videos destined to become a treasured memory. ;-) NEW YORK NEW YORK saved the best for last. This is pretty hilarious. I recommend it.
Happy New Year everybody!

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