Monday, December 08, 2008

Santa brought you a pink slip.

I went to Linens 'n' Things over the weekend to pick over the bones, and that's pretty much where it was. They still had stuff in some departments and others are almost down to the last item - and you can buy the fixtures, shelves and display walls.

I am not heartbroken about having one less retail chain, that's for sure, but I am really sad about all the people who work there. They have to go in day after day and make this thing happen - and all to the tune of relentless Holiday music. There's nothing happy merry holly jolly about it. Layoffs tend to come more often at this time of year anyway, and this year the number of them is extraordinary.

And speaking of laid-off workers, what a refreshing difference there is in the attitude of Obama about the rights of workers versus... say... some Republican Presidents.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Man, isn't Obama a sea change from the Republican hacks.

Ingrid said...

ha..did you know that the creditors of Linens and things have paid for everything? Now they're selling things as if it's on sale (well, the closer they get to getting the store empty, they'll have to lower it more) but they have messed with the prices. About a month ago i went in and it was a zoo. Hate zoos!! Some people just 'hafta' buy when it's a sale or going out of business sale even better!! I did not see anything of interest then..I thought it was funny though when I saw the sign 'store fixtures for sale too'..
you know, since you shared your myspace page with me, I'm on the lookout for you lady! [g].. I keep thinking I'm gonna bump into you in some odd unexpectant place..that would be funny..
anyhow..I'm back online and was not over T'giving which was a nice break actually. Then, I felt 'nothing'.. nothing to say nothing interesting to
Then dear robert (rouse) reminded me (solely by asking for my contribution, not 'reminding reminding' me) that you had tagged me for the blogger album project..
dang..I keep forgetting about that..
I'll try to do it this week..

Ghost Dansing said...

i agree..... i think the whole Country is happier even though we're in a recession.... America might be on its way to being America again.....

greetings to the new brunnette.....

Blueberry said...

Ghost: that video was wonderful! I loved it! And it just might get that silly Supremes song out of my head.

Ingrid: I've got the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar on my schedule. Del Castillo is there Friday. They have a great lineup. I'd love to go over and over.

Dr Monkey: Power to the People! (and Monkeys too)

Utah Savage said...

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but todays news is a bummer. Bugoinovitch or however you spell the crooks name (Gov of Illinois) has been charged with a whole passel of crimes, not least of which is trying to SELL Obama's Senate seat. WTF? Can't we just be happy until the poor guy gets sworn in?