Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Cards from Nowhere, pt. 2

Postmarked Aug 28, 1910. The writing on this one is hard to decipher into anything that makes sense.

As I've been looking through these old post cards, I've done searches on the people named on them. This postcard recipient (Miss Besse Vincent) was apparently a fine cook, with recipes in the "Grayville Cookbook - 1912-1913" Lobster a la Newburg, and Fondant For Chocolate Cream. I guess no matter how far back you go and how insignificant it seems, you can still end up with a permanent internet presence.

Obviously Besse was well-bred and not a hillbilly like my people. I remember when my aunt (the one who had moved from rural Illinois to the fancy burbs around Chicago, married a corporate lawyer and turned Republican - even befriending W. Clement Stone, a $10 million contributor to Nixon) said she was bringing hors d'oevres to the family gathering - everybody (behind her back, of course) raised pinkies, pushed their noses up and made fun of what a snoot she had become with her fancy-schmancy hors d'oevres.

Those city ways!

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enigma4ever said...

I love the card series....I too collect old postcards....they are so fascinating- I love that you research them...very cool...