Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Histamine fit

I have just gone through another round of allergy testing. Ugh! They use your naked back (the entire thing), write numbers all over it, then take about 130 or so little barbed "prickers" and stick the same number of little holes in your back, each containing something - like pollens, cat dander, cockroach, mold, all your favorite things. Then they measure the swelling and redness. After that, they did another test on each arm - this time with needles/syringes - 29 shots is what I got on the arms. The nurse said they weren't really "shots" because she doesn't actually inject anything, just sticks the needle under the skin. Looked like shots to me though, and my arms still have those holey stripes on them.

I had been on a maintenence level of the previous shots begun 6 years ago, and had really seen improvement. In fact, there was a time I envisioned not having to go back to the allergy doctor anymore. WRONG. For the past year I've had lots of flareups and sinus infections, and as suspected I've developed a whole bunch of new Central Texas allergies. The shot regimen now has to start over. A shot in each arm twice a week for 6 months, a year, something like that. Then down to once a week for a year or two, then every two weeks... forever I guess. {sigh}

click to enlargeFirst time testing for food allergies. My biggest culprits are strawberries and hops. grrr. Please! Not beer!! Also a slight allergy to white grapes, which means white wine too... but that leaves red wine. There is no beer without hops... is there? Of course, I've been allergic to cats forever, and that hasn't kept me away from them.

Painting from Thrift Store Art.

My allergy doctor is the only doctor I've seen in this town that I still like and respect. I recommend Dr. T. Ray Vaughan. Yes, he has a cool name, esp. for an Austin doctor.

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Mando Mama said...

No way. Not beer. Not beer. No no no.

What a process! I had no idea the depth and breadth of the pricking involved in these tests. Eek, like a human pin cushion. Ouch! I hope they figure out what is going on. I've lived relatively allergy-free all my life and really can't appreciate the mostly regular ease with which I breathe.