Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Cards from Nowhere, pt. 1

For all you Staycationers (or Workationers) out there taking virtual trips, I am starting a series of Post Card scans. Hopefully, most of these will make the place you are now seem like a sweeter deal. This is from Stuttgart, Arkansas, and shows some heads sticking up out of a rice field.
postmarked Jan 21, 1911
addressed to:

Mrs. Ed Heidemann
Brighton IL
Macoupin Co.

Dear Sister: --
Well words never can tell the beautiful country down here. Everybody is putting in garden and plowing dont have to wear any coats the violets are in bloom wish you could really be with us.
Meal & Gus

ADDENDUM late Saturday:
Stuttgart, Arkansas, claims to be the "Rice and Duck Capital of the World."


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love it.

konagod said...

I've been to Stuttgart -- or through it -- a few times. Grew up just 90 or so miles south of there.

Was always impressed by the approach to the burg because the grain elevators made it look like a big city skyline.

Blueberry said...

Would you agree that it's the Rice and Duck Capital of the World?

konagod said...

It is both. Or used to be. Riceland Rice comes from there. :-)