Friday, December 05, 2008

Furbaby Friday - Warm heart, warm body

Here is Henry in his daytime habitat. Behind him in the corner (unseen) is his fleecy bed, the big pillow there is a scratching post (The BEST scratching post -- ever. Take a burlap coffee bean bag and stuff it full with old pillows, sew it up snugly at the end, and present it to the cat. No training required.) and the most important item of all - his heater.

Henry is quite elderly, he's 17 now, and he is a bit frail. The heat helps keep him calm and makes his old bones feel better. His meds do a lot of that too. He gets pain med (for arthritis) and Flovent (for his asthma) daily, prednisone (for asthsma, arthritis, and eosinophils) and prozac (for anxiety, restlessness and howling behaviors that might be from pain, his oncoming blindness and possible senility) twice a day. Poor Henry. He is old, but still the best cat -- ever.

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Th' Rev said...

Nice...go see Theo and his heater...13 and suffering from the cold snap...he loves his heater.:)

enigma4ever said...

oh he is so sweet....Xena would love him...( she is 14...) so good that you keep him so nice and comfy...