Monday, March 16, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the P.I.T.A.

Here's some music to help set your head right. This is from the Sunday night MiLkDrive show at Momo's with Warren Hood filling in for Noah. It's a cover of David Grisman's EMD.

It's been a hectic and exciting week, including some excitement of a kind I don't like. On Thursday, I hauled both cats to the vet. Henry just needed a routine weigh-in, but I was worried about Jax and him vomiting clear stuff - a red flag for heart disease and some other serious problems. $300 in tests later, and it's looking like it's just a hairball problem. Well, I am relieved. I just deposit my income straight into the vet's bank account.

On Friday someone hacked into one of my sites and put some fraudulent banking crap there, (some was German and some Italian) the German bank security people were alerted, and in turn alerted me, the band, a well-known record label, a well-known entertainment promotional company, the Secret Service, Interpol... and I felt like all hell was breaking loose. After a day of nail-biting, password change and searching for the bad files, I felt like everything was settled down -- then the next day the stuff returned! So I got rid of it [AGAIN!] and now just hoping that security can be increased to fix this. grrr. It doesn't appear that they want to alter our site, just use our server to conduct their dirty business - and I hope they can be stopped - soon.

On Saturday I was tasked with finally getting everything ready for the tax guy, so no fun there, especially with frazzled nerves. My appointment is on St. Patrick's Day, and the pot of gold at the end of rainbow is going to go from our bank into Uncle Sam's. No refunds for us. It's been a long time since I enjoyed the soothing relief of getting a nice check in the mail.

I've also been frantic in figuring out our party schedule for next week. More last-minute stuff turned up today. Then, when the time comes, we will just wing it and do something unplanned. That's how it goes.

If you liked the music in the video at the top, here's another tune. This one is more grass and less jazz. The tune is familiar, but I don't know the name of it. Whatever it is, it's mighty fine.

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