Thursday, March 12, 2009

March bands

click to enlargeAustin has this little festival in March - it's called SXSW (South by Southwest). OK, I'm kidding. It's humongous, huge, really big. There are 3 parts to it and they overlap days: Interactive, Film and Music. Film has already kicked in and the Music Festival officially starts on Wednesday, but the parties will be in high gear by Tuesday. The number of bands playing officially is probably around 1,900 and there are plenty more who will be playing at day/side parties thrown by magazines, record labels, PR firms, Rachael Ray, Perez Hilton, etc. They are mostly free, and many provide free beer and sometimes food while the music plays. It completely takes over the town. Yes. I love it and have been trying to plan my schedule for about 3 weeks at least. We are daycrawlers, unbanded and unbadged, wanting to see old favorites, people we wouldn't normally get to see, and people we never heard of before (new favorites).

click to enlargeHere are some of the best resources I'm using, as well as looking up people I want to see and trying to figure out where they will be and when. None of these list everything.

Showlist Austin
Done Waiting
Austin 360
Austin Chronicle
Oh My Rockness
Austin Metro Entertainment
Yahoo Unofficial SXSW
Officially listed parties
KGSR morning concerts

I regret that I will not be able to see the free show of the Decemberists and Gomez on Tuesday night. It goes too late and I am planning on seeing The Greencards at 7am on Wednesday (yes... AM) and it will involve city busses to avoid parking headaches so it's an early one. If you want to see the Decemberists and Gomez free, be at Waterloo Records on Monday at 10AM - one ticket per person.

Some other (free) highlights for the week: Gary Louris and Mark Olsen (ex-Jayhawks), Shearwater, hopefully Sarah Jarosz, Or The Whale, Ben Sollee, Hot Club of Cowtown, Billy Harvey, Fastball, sooo many more. Just reading through the lists of band names is entertaining, band names are just funny. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Shitty Carwash. Ringo Deathstarr. Olympic Ass-Kickin' Machine.

Yes, this town does celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but it's eclipsed by all the rest of it... or rather... it's mixed in. Hoping that great weather will be there as promised.


lady macleod said...

Great information. I haven't seen Austin in 33 years - I hear it's grown quite a lot. We will be up there this week-end, so I can see for myself.
Nice blog.

Th' Rev said...

I have not been a fan of SXSW since the first couple of years...a fine example of why is the Metallica showcase...who are these kids?! (snark) they have been around for almost 30 years. It's just too big and commercialized for my tastes.
I do however appreciate the revenue it generates for the clubs and venues.
Have you read about the new office of noise ordinance that's been created?
The irony....

Blueberry said...

I hate the ridiculousness of the noise ordinances - and crazy stuff like that condo complex they built over on Red River across the street from Mohawk/Club DeVille - and well within hearing distance of Stubb's, Redd-Eyed Fly, etc.? STUPID and maddening.

I understand it if outdoor venues move into residential areas, but don't put residential in a music area and then complain about it.