Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day

This is a cork pie trivet, a Pi pie trivet, to help celebrate March 14 (3.14), a.k.a. Pi Day. Now, we know that π r2 (pie are square) is the area of a circle, but a square pie trivet is silly because pie are round - or at least pie *plates* are round, causing the pie to be round, and pie-holes to be generally round too.

I learned Greek when I was a kid, and don't remember a lot of it, but can vouch for the fact that the correct pronunciation for the Greek letter known as π is "pee," just like the corresponding English "p." But, if you start talking about the value of pee or saying pee are square, people will think you are nuts or just generally to be avoided - so the correct pronunciation becomes the one that's commonly agreed on.


Anonymous said...

A "Pi" day? We need a Pi Day? Who came up with this?

I'm all in favor of Pi, but I don't think that such an important constant needs its own day. ;-)

WeezieLou said...

"Pi" day!!! Who Knew?????