Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jack has 24 lives

Watching 24? We never miss it. Not saying it's good, just highly addictive and sometimes laughable at the version of reality they try to pull off. We know that Jack can't die, and not just because there's another season coming up. So how do you think he's going to survive his current predicament of being exposed to the bioweapon? Was he injected with an "ancient Chinese secret" while they held him in prison? Does Jon Voight have a top secret antidote? Does he die and then come back alive later (like Tony)? How does he get out of this one, folks?

Dave Barry always has a funny writeup on the episodes, and this week it includes a poll on "WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A BULLET EVER ACTUALLY HIT JACK?" Makes you wonder... ;-)


Pyzahn said...

I watched 24 for a couple seasons and loved it. Then it got a bit too intense for me. The night Jack pull out an ax to cut off his partner's arms cause it was handcuffed to a bomb or something...yikes...couldn't handle all the angst and terror. I'm turning into a woos.

Blueberry said...

It is intense, but ridiculous too.