Saturday, March 07, 2009

Push the button, Frank!

Tonight we're going to a live performance from the crew of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K) at the Paramount. This endeavor is called Cinematic Titanic, and it's Joel, Frank, Trace, Mary Jo and Josh. The other half of the gang (Mike, Kevin, and Bill) formed RiffTrax - so it still continues but we really miss the TV episodes. We even went to the 1996 Electric Bugaloo Conventio-Con in Minneapolis with some 4,000 other bot-crazed fanatics. We've been in a serious cutback on entertainment spending lately because of the stinking economy and all, but really couldn't stay away from this (so we will be in the cheap seats but still in the house)

If you don't know MST3K, below are a couple of clips from The Giant Gila Monster. This is part 1:

part 2:

...and if you want more (maybe starting with the rest of this episode) it's easy enough to find with a YouTube search.

We have a local troupe who kind of ripped off the concept of the show, and called themselves "Mister Sinus Theater," and proceeded to get sued by MST3K over the name they picked. It seemed really stupid to me, all they needed to do was change the name, and who really enjoys getting sued by your idols? Anyway, Mister Sinus eventually ended and went on to re-form as Master Pancake (now how hard was that to do, eh? different name.). The Pancakes (like the Sinuses before them) do live movie riffing shows with costumed sketch breaks at the Alamo Drafthouse (a.k.a. "the best theater chain in the world"), and the fundamental difference is that they choose well-known movies. A lot of the movies they pick are actually ones that I think are good and not what I would call riff-worthy.

I don't know what movie the Titanics will roast tonight, but I'm sure it will be highly riff-worthy, and I'm hoping to a meet and greet too.

ADDENDUM: This is the movie they did:

Dynamite Brothers, a Kung-Fu Blaxploitation movie with a *very* low budget. The show was great, and the Paramount was nearly sold out despite there having been practically no advertising at all. There was a meet-and-greet, as hoped, and I got to complete my autograph set on a couple of items.

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