Thursday, March 26, 2009

WHAT'S YOUR RealMotive?

Well, color me not surprised. Why would they spend all that money getting people to take their quizzes if the only benefit they received was the comfort of possibly helping a few people change their lifestyles to more healthy ones?
[NYT: Online Quiz is a Window For Drug Makers]
If you've taken the test, you know that they ask not only a lot of personal questions (that can be considered health-related) and they get your email address - then - apparently they turn your info over to some drug companies... OK, I'm sure they don't just turn it over, they SELL it. Then Big Pharma can hit you will even more marketing campaigns for their Happy Fun Ball products that MAY or MAY NOT be the drugs you need.

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Pyzahn said...

Hey BB, is that a new masthead, or have I been asleep at the blog?

I likee.

Blueberry said...

Yes, pretty new. The Blue Genie... with the weird beard.