Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More crony baloney?

Man, here we go again! Just how far is this administration willing to go for the sake of cronyism?

From AP:
McClellan dismissed any connection between the deal and David Sanborn of Virginia, a former senior DP World executive whom the White House appointed last month to be the new administrator of the Maritime Administration of the Transportation Department. Sanborn worked as DP World's director of operations for Europe and Latin America.

"My understanding is that he has assured us that he was not involved in the negotiations to purchase this British company," McClellan added.

"In terms of David Sanborn, he was nominated to run the Maritime Administration because of his experience and expertise," the spokesman said. Sanborn is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He is an operations professional.

*and if you believe that, you probably think the world was created in a week.

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DrewL said...

Pretty amazing stuff, eh? Actually, given what's been going on in this country for the last five years, it's really not so amazing. More like typical.

Not sure that this quite rises to the level of a scandal...yet...but it certainly does call the deal into question, if nothing else.

Just one scandal or near scandal after another with these people. And their still in office? Ay carumba!

Blueberry said...

The whole scale of measuring scandals has changed so that this one is more of a blip... unless they start digging deeper. I have a feeling it's just the tip of the iceberg.

DrewL said...

And there are a LOT of icebergs! :-)