Sunday, February 26, 2006

Searching for that balance

That's no way to live! Actually I've been working 7 days a week for a long time. The hours vary. It's usually not a full 8 hours on weekends (just occasionally) but several more than 8 on weekdays. Holidays don't mean much to me. We are running a geriatric center for cats, and don't travel anyway and never stay longer than overnight. Besides, I usually use my holidays to get work done. I really enjoy what I do though, and I like being able to be flexible with the hours. In 2 weeks it will be time for SXSW Music in Austin, and I do take off for that. Everybody knows the schedule gets cleared, and I build in a recovery day afterward (for blogging and sorting photos I imagine). It's too much fun! Way too much!

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Since I don't work OR take holidays, do I get to pick three of the others?

And thanks for your suggestion of a name for Baby Jesus' dog. "Satan's Peter" is catchy. I like it. But it looks like we'll be going with "Mambo Sven".