Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That's so Austin!

What a great show at Antone's! I'll tell you what. This was one of those shows that you will only see in Austin. We are still jazzed. Double Trouble (Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton) was Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section. Double Trouble always has those two in it, although they have been part of other bands together (Arc Angels, Storyville). Malford Milligan sings with them, Riley Osborne plays keyboards, and Mike Keller has been playing guitar with them for awhile. They have plenty of guests performing with them, and they now have a regular Tuesday night gig at Antone's. I think that Double Trouble is almost more of a genre of their own (call it Austin Blues if you want) than a discrete band.

Last night they had the great Eric Johnson as guest and it was just a phenomenal show. Their set alone and their set with him was packed with powerful cover material, and everybody just seemed to be having a fun time playing some classics. He played just a killer How Many More Times?, Crossroads, and Politician handing-off to Mike Keller for some great jams. Eric was really channeling the Cream Clapton. There was an original Eric song Once a Part of Me that is on his Live and Beyond record, also with Malford singing, so that was pretty special to see.

It was really fun afterwards. I have gotten acquainted with several musicians (including Eric), and was happy to see Van Wilks in attendance (that was expected since he and EJ go way back), and also Alex Ruiz and Mark del Castillo from the band Del Castillo -- one of my other favorite bands. That was not expected but I'm not surprised that they are fans of EJs or just wanted to come out to a great show. Also it was nice to see my other music-crazed friends.

Eric Johnson
Double Trouble
Mike Keller
Van Wilks
Del Castillo

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Ellie said...

Hey, there now Baby, step into my big blaaaack car.

One of my favorites done by Robbin Ford as well. It would of been a special treat to hear ej do it.

Jeen Lilly said...

ok, where'd you get the snaps?

hehehe. Yes it was a great show -- and an important lesson to learn -- if you want to see EJ's face while he's doing his thing, stand near Blueberry!

Blueberry said...

My husband took them from the side of the stage. He gets to be the bad flashy dude and I just get to watch the show up close. They aren't great but I'm just happy when we get something in focus. ;-)

Ptelea said...

OK, now I could start getting jealous! But instead, I'll just channel my energy into looking forward to the Electromagnets Reunion Concert! Can I stand near both of you at that concert?