Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stuff from Hellion

Crispin Glover freaked me out last year. We went to see him appearing live at the Alamo Drafthouse when he was presenting his film “What Is It?”. I embrace the weird, and Crispin is genuinely weird. He had Q&A for the film, and presented a narrated slideshow from his art/poetry book. I enjoyed the slideshow, including the grotesqueness of it, and he is hilarious sometimes but I honestly can’t tell if it’s intentional on his part. Anyway, the movie is kind of a disjointed nightmare where hundreds of snails are killed, and people in ugly masks (and ugly people) have sex with actors with Down’s syndrome. I know… sounds like tons of fun but it left me with some disturbing images that I still carry around. He weirded me right under the table (it was the snails).

Anyway, I’ve been messing around with and noticed that he has a profile*, and an absolutely hilarious blog entry on Chuck Norris.
It’s a list of comments on Chuck Norris. This one begins the list:

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

*Actually, he has two; this one and his “official” one which does not have blog entries yet. This is his website.

I still embrace his weirdness, but will pass on a future re-viewing of "What Is It?"

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Ellie said...

Blue, I recently found Myspace as well and got totally freaked out one day in the music/scoustic forum when my mouse ran over the top ad bar for the latest smilies. All of a sudden there was this voice that said "Hello", then another and another. It sounded like a friend that I was waiting for to come over. Guess I had the sound up to loud. Spooky but not as weird as Crispin Glover.