Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So funny I forgot to laugh

Looks like the White House is trying to smooth over the shooting with humor... cracking jokes and wearing orange. (According to the paperwork you can see over at the Smoking Gun, the blaze orange the guy was wearing on his head and chest didn't do him any good). Oh, Cheney's not amused. Is he ever amused? Is that when the snarl curls up?

I want to see how they laugh if the guy dies. Pretty not-funny. There might even be a tear or two shed over the contributions the Party will lose without one extra millionaire. He probably took care of that in his will, so that will help to dry the tears I'm sure.

They guy is an Austinite as I'm sure everybody knows. He lives within 10 miles of us... but in a better neighborhood. ;-)

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Ptelea said...

Love the 'peppered' heart! The blaze orange joking of the White House seems just a tad cold-hearted considering the condition of the victim. Wasn't he having the heart attack just as the joking started up? More great timing!

Anonymous said...

The joking done by White House press secretary Scott McClellan has been cited by the New York Times as an example of how the different staffs within the current administration do not communicate well. Here is a link to the NYT article.

This shooting has shed light on the very strained relationships in the White House.

Blueberry said...

p: thanks on the peppered heart. I drew it myself. Now, how do I get it on the refrigerator? hee hee.

robert: Thanks for the link. Yeah, communication (even speaking sensibly) is not W's strong suit. I don't envy the guy trying to speak for that bunch.