Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Making the homeland safe for dead pigs.

Did you know that you can be arrested in America for writing down the license number of a car?

Caitlin Childs was picketing against meat-eating in front of a Honey Baked Ham store in Atlanta. Pro-vegetarian groups are among those targeted for surveillance by Homeland Security. She wrote down the license number of the man who had been photographing her and the other protesters. The car and its license plate were in full view of the public.

The article brings up several points about groups and events being targeted, and according to the Georgia ACLU, not one pro-war group has ever been under surveillance. Not one.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Unbelievable. It truly is.

Blueberry said...

These people are scaring me!

Nordy said...

Funny, I haven't heard Osama railing against the evils of meat on his videotapes.

Blueberry said...

This administration is known for "misdirected aggression". I usually use that term for my cat, who sees something outside that agitates him, and attacks us instead.