Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Red Union Blues

I am going to observe the State of the Union Address by going to Antone's club and listening to SRV's old band, Double Trouble with Eric Johnson guesting on guitar. How better to observe something like that than with some Texas Blues?

I am truly sorry that Dubya is giving the world the impression that everybody in Texas is a moron. They have them in every state. Really. It's the truth.

We might collectively have the blues, but blue just might be the cure for this big ol' red map.
Is it 2008 yet?

- - - - - -


Neil Shakespeare said...

Sounds like a good plan. Actually ANYTHING sounds like a good plan if it helps avoid listening to Bush...

Blueberry said...

The only thing worse than listening to Bush is listening to my husband yelling at Bush on TV. I'm afraid he is going to end up throwing something at our nice shiny new TV. It's best to leave the house entirely.

Of course, I'm happy he's not a Bushie so that's the bright side.