Friday, January 27, 2006

Workaholics Anonymous

Who would have time to go to the meetings?

Study shows that women feel more rushed than men. Well, this comes as no surprise. Seems like all I do is work work work work, intending to get caught up, and no sooner does that happen than more work piles on. Even if it doesn’t, I have forgotten how to relax and “do nothing”, I have no concept of that anymore. The only time I “do nothing” is when I’m sick or sedated, and relaxing is non-existent without drugs. (EDIT: I'm talking prescription drugs or booze. I quit the fun recreational stuff many, many years ago) Don’t suggest massage, it ain’t happenin’. It costs a fortune and they can’t seem to avoid my trigger points for pain [grrrr. I paid good money for THIS?]. I should probably really give yoga a shot, but who has time (or funds) for that? Basically, I'm in the wrong frame of mind to fix this problem. Too many other problems to fix. Too much to do.

That’s my whine for the day. I’m sure your stress and anxiety is worse than mine, but that’s why it’s called whining.

I think winning the lottery is the only solution to this. Stress toy from the Eyeball Shop .

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Jeen Lilly said...

I hear yah.

I am battling the Jabberwocky Clutter Beast at the moment -- and my deadline is Monday Afternoon.

Shoot a few prayers my way, will ya?
You know I'm thinking of you, too. =)