Thursday, January 19, 2006

The beer is on Him.

This Catholic Church in Lithuania has a problem with Jesus appearing in a beer ad. I always thought the Catholic Church had no negative policy on booze, or at least beer and wine. Wasn't there always a kegger benefit in some parking lot, and beer with bingo, or a Catholic beer tent at the town festival?

Personal impressions of Wedding receptions:
Protestant (esp. fundamentalist) = polite family gathering in the church basement with soft drinks.
Catholic or Episcopal = all-nighter with open bar and eventually table dancing with lingering embarrassing photography.

In fact, the Catholic Church and beer are associated through history, with the blessing of beer, Trappist Monk breweries, and there are apparently three Saint Arnolds associated with beer, one of them being the Patron Saint of Brewers, whose "Miracle" apparently was creating a bottomless mug of beer. Of course, this happened in the days before there was and other urban legend debunkers. Texas has a microbrewery named after him... er... one of them anyway. I guess history gets cloudy when beer is heavily involved.

Now, Christianity and wine... that's an even longer topic.
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