Monday, January 23, 2006

Started out at the bottom of the barrel, now digging.

This company, Life Partners Holdings, Inc., is in the business of transferable insurance policies. They buy the policies of people whose chances of living a long time don't look so good, and buy them for less than their value, promise to keep up the premiums, then cash in big when the person dies.

In this particular case, the client, who had AIDS, ended up not only not dying but these days she feels pretty good. Life Partners is now balking at the whole deal since they are losing money insuring the person. They expected to make $60,000 at her death, but since she didn't die not only are they trying to weasel out (gawd, I hate to use that word! It's unfair to weasels, who are cute and furry), but the woman has received harassing phone calls.

It's an ugly business. No doubt about that.

Found via Fark.


Austintacious said...

Yo Blueberry! Love your blog, and oh yea, love where you are from!

Thanks for posting. I ma enjoying.

My guvna is a jewish cowboy too!

Blueberry said...

A big howdy to you too!

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well that's pretty much down there with the lowest of the low, isn't it?

Blueberry said...

I think they should be turned over to "the Impaler" (see post above)