Friday, January 06, 2006

There's a NEW Mexico?

[edited] Happy Statehood Day to New Mexico, which became a state on this day in 1912. It's the Land of Enchantment, the land of unfortunate aliens. I mean, if you were to crash ANYWHERE in the galaxy, would you pick someplace exactly halfway between El Paso and Lubbock? There are some people who don't seem to realize that New Mexico is part of the United States. Oh well, Americans don't generally excel in geography.

I've lived there a couple of times. My dad was transferred there, and a whole bunch of relatives followed us there from the midwest and never left! They love that place! It's a fine place and pretty enough but they can keep it, I never cared for it. Sprol featured the Albuquerque nukes recently on their "Worst Places in the World": Kirkland Underground Munitions Storage Complex (KUMSC) feature.
If Albuquerque were to secede from the union, it would immediately become our planet's third largest nuclear power. Certainly this, paired with the location of Sandia National Laboratories in close proximity to the world's largest nuclear weapons depot near the runways of the Sunport, paints a huge bull's eye over Albuquerque for anyone who is angry with our country.

Google sightseeing! Gotta love it! The title of this post is a quote from Montgomery Burns of the Simpsons.


Ptelea said...

I have family in Albuquerque although I make a point of saying that I am NOT from Albuquerque. I don't mind visiting there and I like visiting Santa Fe but I would rather die than live there. I am not sure why but I just know it to be a fact.

Blueberry said...

I just have bad childhood memories form there, so it's totally not Albuquerque's fault. My mother is buried in Santa Fe, so it's a neat place but again... :-(

Neil Shakespeare said...

And now they're gonna build that 25 million dollar Spaceport for the ultra-rich in New Mexico! As if the aliens didn't know about the place already! Geez, they're just makin' it easier for 'em!

Blueberry said...

Oh yes!! Virgin Galactic (should it be called "Space Virgin"?) to be located down near the lovely White Sands Missile Range. Just like in Nevada, WMDs and Havens of Opulence go hand in hand.