Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hard Rock bites the dust.

I just read over on the Austinist (who quoted The Statesman) that the Austin Hard Rock Cafe closed this week. It was open only for four years.

I can see why it didn't carry the cred here in this town that it does in most. Corporate chains, even though they make money and have clientele, are unpopular here. We love to hate them because they are competing with places that have "real" Austin music history and don't have to ship in the memorabilia. Also, it was an awful music venue, really awful. I was glad to see that they made an effort to put up some stuff related to local artists on the wall, especially Eric Johnson, but you know... he never played there when it while it was the HRC, not to my knowledge, and I sure don't know everything. Most of the places he has played don't seem to have his picture up though. Go figure. I can't.

And commenting on the Austinist blog post: I hope to hell we don't get a Planet Hollywood there, and we get enough Hollywood glitterati here on a regular basis not to get the quivers over a visit from the Governator.

I really do like that mural though. Here's hoping they put in a home-grown club, even another restaurant.

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