Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday redeemed by a new episode of Lost.

After another hour and a half drive home in traffic (at least a half hour longer than it should take! Yesterday was no different.) I have a full evening of freelance work awaiting...again. I will have to figure out why I do this to myself someday when I have more time.

Almost as soon as I walk in the door, Duncan, our freaky black cat, does a mad butt scoot all the way through the house...tile, carpet, rugs.... Man, I hate it when hairballs come out the wrong end, and stinky to high heaven. WHEW!!! After that welcome home cleanup task and a quick dinner, the new washer shows up.

The appliance gods are still angry! The 12 year old washer broke this week, and the new one was delivered this evening... unworking. My husband thinks the delivery/install guys didn't do the job right, and the new washer broke during testing. grrrrrr. Who knows when the appliance curse will be lifted? We still have a working dryer and dishwasher. Most everything else was replaced in the last year.

EDIT: The hopefully working washer will be delivered Friday... and not a moment too soon. We have some dirty rugs, thank you Duncan.

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