Thursday, January 12, 2006

Test your Bushspeak IQ

Your score is 60%. Your knowledge is slightly above average. As George W. Bush might have said, they misunderestimated you.

So if my percent correct = my Bushspeak IQ then I may be approaching Bush's actual IQ... give or take a couple of points.

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Jeen Lilly said...

You answered 15 items out of 15 correctly.

Your score is 100%. You're a master of strategery. As President Bush might have said, it's people like you where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream.

just... shoot me.
I've heard most of those sound bites -- and a few of the answers were painfully *logical*, considering my personal assesment of The Shrub.

I'm so ashamed.
I think I'll go re-read the Jefferson Biography to rinse my mind.

Blueberry said...


I still give Dan Quayle the edge on stupidity and stupid quotes though. But then he was only the Vice-President so it didn't count as much. Still, that's a very sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

There was some speculation in 2004 that George W. Bush may have presenile dementia. Here is an article published in the Boston Globe:

If you do an internet search with the terms "Bush", "presenile", and "dementia", the results will include a video contrasting GWB's performance in a debate during the 1994 Texas governor's race with a debate during the 2004 presidential race. What a difference a decade makes!

Blueberry said...

Wow! Interesting take on it. I guess it's a possible explanation. We'll see if he starts forgetting the names of his Cabinet members.