Monday, January 16, 2006

Dog is my co-pilot.

Activity here at Texas Oasis has been light lately. It's a combination of working like a dog and being sick as a dog. I've been sick with the crud for a week now... bad cold turned into possibly... something. The doctor today thought it might be pneumonia, then the chest X-ray said no, but they put me on the same meds anyway.

Then as soon as I get home from the doctor today, I have to turn around and go to the printer to look at a proof. Oh well, timing can always get worse.

I haven't even mentioned Martin Luther King Day, but I have thought about it a lot, and the radio (KUT, public radio) has played a lot of things related to Dr. King directly or indirectly, or the causes of civil rights and human rights. Listening to Bobby Kennedy tell the crowd that Martin Luther King has been killed is one of the most moving things I've heard. The holiday, amazingly, is still meeting resistance to being fully accepted, even though it means a day off. My husband, who works in cube world and gets normal holidays is working today, but gets President's Day off. Huh?

Well, I have work to do, and it's time for a nice coughing spell.

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