Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can grass get a parking ticket?

Now it can! My husband sent me a link to what I think is a pretty weird product. It's called "Park(ing)", a temporary urban park. You roll out the sod, bring in the tree(s) and bench, then feed the meter. Instant greenspace! Well... close to instant. I've thrown sod before (and never will again).

Not sure why someone would want this. Maybe just "because".

Finally catching a breather here, off the wheel, and planning on taking the whole evening off!! Going to veg, watch TV and be generally worthless and non-productive. I will pay for this offence later, I'm sure. The guilt is already setting in. The wheel starts turning agin at 5:00 AM and, by gawd I'd better be walkin' on it! I think I might be overworked.


Anonymous said...

I think it is an art installation, not a "product"...

Blueberry said...

Fair enough.