Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Would you say this computer has a "gooey" interface?

An old story, but still interesting. Computer Made from DNA and Enzymes. This kind of stuff scares me, especially if it gets turned loose inside a person and you can't get good tech support.

Some excerpts:
"A trillion bio-molecular devices could fit into a single drop of water."
"Think of DNA as software, and enzymes as hardware."
"Once the input, software, and hardware molecules are mixed in a solution it operates to completion without intervention"

Red flag!! Big time!! I know that there will be lots of benefits and helpful uses for this technology, but it's the yet non-existent monsters that will be created by this that scare me. Maybe I'm just paranoid and phobic. I thought so.

Sculpture from the "Bungled Jungle" collection.

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