Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birds and bees... er... wasps

It's late January and time to get the birdhouses ready for Spring, which can be a big ordeal. It's not a job I could do alone for many reasons. For one thing, it takes 2 people to take one down, and for another -- wasps take up residence every year in the center of the houses. Not something I deal with very well.

Maybe they're hornets, or even bees, I don't know my entomology but I know what a lot of my phobias are called, and spheksophobia and apiphobia (aka melissaphobia) are among them. There were unfortunately some wasps harmed during the process, and the rest were pretty danged mad, but they will be back, nonetheless.

It was about 80 degrees here today, sunny, and perfect. I got to get my sun vitamins while I watched my husband dig a new hole for moving the birdhouse. Fun was had by all. I love this place!

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