Monday, February 13, 2006


Real life has been keeping me from posting as much on the Texas Oasis, not much time left over. I really hate it when I tell someone I don't have time for something or other, and they tell me that I can "make time". Make it out of frickin' what? And fabricating "time" is going to take a little time too. And where's the instruction sheet or recipe for that?

Seems like I have pursued my hobbies to the point where they have become a part-time job. Maybe this is a good thing, that's what they say anyway. Do what you love. I guess they say a lot of things, like "everything will be alright", "follow your dreams", and "you can make time". Maybe they are really full of crap. They also say that time is money. Unfortunately I can't go without money, so there's goes the time, and I'm always low on both.

I am wondering if I will end up on the median with a cardboard sign.

Will make you a website for vegetarian food.

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Ptelea said...

Even though I can be one of those people who says things like "everything will be alright" and "follow your dreams", I wholeheartedly agree that 'making time' is ludicous. I also don't believe that you can 'have it all'. Managing time is my biggest challenge and like most, work skims off more than I would care to give it!