Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Artist making house calls

This print was given to us on Saturday by the artist. He traded it for an agave plant. I believe his name (if I read the sig correctly) is [commented out, but you can read it on the scan of the art]. He's the bug guy, working for Chem-Free, which is a pest control service that uses environmentally-friendly substances. He had his portfolio with him, original paintings and everything! That's a real artist, never really separated from your creations. He was an excellent painter too. Beautiful stuff, lots of animal imagery. Paints murals too. And he enjoyed calling our "Rover Ants" by the name "Rove Ants" intentionally. Something you really want to get rid of!


Anonymous said...

Great artwork. How are your kitties doing?

Blueberry said...

Had a scare on Duncan Saturday night, but he's still with us. Thursday there's a vet visit for 3! A stack of cat carriers. Where's my extra arm?

Fernando said...

Don't really see many house calls by artists in Dallas. Blind hunters yes thou.