Friday, December 15, 2006

Food for Thought

There's a research study out now that suggests that kids with high IQs are more likely to be adult vegetarians [HealthDay] [British Medical Journal]. hmmm. Wow! I would love it if I really believed this, and I wish it were true. (I disagree more with the assumptions made in the HealthDay article than the conclusions drawn by the study itself.)

First of all, 33.6% of the self-reported vegetarians in the study admitted eating fish and chicken. ummm... those aren't vegetables. When I started down this veggie road, I did it slowly, starting by giving up beef, then pork, then chicken... continued to eat fish for about the first 5 years of it and called myself a "fish-eating vegetarian", but you know what? That's an oxymoron. It doesn't exist. You can be "almost vegetarian" or an "evolving vegetarian" but not a "fish-eating vegetarian". So, their data are skewed by 33.6% not being what they are claiming that they are, although they've stated that the correlation is there nonetheless.

Second, I have known lots of really smart people either through friendship or association. Not only am I a member of Mensa* but I have many years under my belt working with scientists (as a support person). What the study suggests, in my humble opinion, is not borne out by the reality I've lived in. All I'm saying is that I'm a bit skeptical and would really like to see this same study conducted in the USA and other cultures as this one was done in the UK.

I now think of myself as an "evolving vegan". Not sure if I'll ever actually get there all the way.

Image from Lettuce Ladies.

*Please note that I am not bragging. I qualified and joined, that's all. If you qualify for something or win something, do you keep it a secret? Is there any reason to do that? It's not a big deal, and it's also not a secret. I'm just sayin'.

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Nava said...

I myself am not vegetarian, although I think I am quite intelligent. (I said quite).
As someone said, "I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian".

I never could understand vegetarians who eat fish and just the drumsticks of chicken... it's like being pregnant: you either are, or ain't.
Your road to vegan reminds me of that wonderful episode of The Simpsons, with this charming dialogue:

Lisa: "Oh, the earth is the best! That's why I'm a vegetarian."
Jesse: "Heh. Well, that's a start."
Lisa: "Uh, well, I was thinking of going vegan."
Jesse: "I'm a level 5 vegan - I won't eat anything that casts a shadow."


Blueberry said...

I am so much like Lisa Simpson, it's almost frightening.

Nava said...

Just read about Mensa (never heard of it before, I admit).
You am is a smart peoples, ain't ya!

Sounds quite intriguing!

Blueberry said...

Arrrgh! This post is starting to eat comments! I've seen Blogger do this a couple of times before -- it displays the wrong number of comments on the overall blog view, and some of them disappear from the permanent link!

I didn't delete anything, I read them in email even if they've disappeared here. It ate my last comment before this (now watch it show up later). On behalf of Blogger I apologize. (Beta! Why didn't you fix this?)

Nava said...

That's Beta for you...
Come back home, to the stable bosom of the traditional Blogger, my child.
Repent, and you shall be forgiven.