Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Cats and Mistletoe

I always get a kick out of that little cartoon (above), and if you are checking out at the supermarket (and who isn't doing that a lot these days?) look for the Weekly World News. Sorry for this small thumbnail, it's all I could find on their website, but the picture is hilarious: "World's Fattest Cat Saves Christmas".

We've needed a little cheering up over at the Texas Oasis. Duncan is seeing a lot of the vet these days, at least once a week, which he really hates. Today he got an X-ray to check for fluid buildup in the lungs, and there was some but we are going to hope the medication helps it. He has been pretty tired and not eating as much as we'd like. We have pills to help his appetite, but there's that four-letter-word: P-I-L-L. Even the vet had a terrible time getting a pill in him. Almost too stressful to be worth it. Poor little sweetie... this is his mellow, "I love you but I want to sleep" look, and he's got the perfect sunspot there too.

Henry is still jealous about not getting as much canned food as his sick bros, but he's been snuggling up with Duncan a lot. Henry knows his little buddy needs some extra care.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

I don't know how you do it. Those kitties are very lucky.

FreakyNick said...

I wish the best for all your feline family.

"Fattest Cat Saves Christmas", LOL.

Unknown said...

Texas Mistletoe in Eastern Texas is a dioeciously plant -- that is, men and women blossoms are carried on separate plants. The blossoms are small and creamy-white in color. Only the women blossoms produce plant seeds, which are white-colored and included in a difficult, gelatinous pulp allowing the plant seeds to follow the debris of plants.