Thursday, December 07, 2006

Catblogging - Most Favored Neighbor

Here is Claw, the sweetest cat on the block, second only to our own Henry. Must be a tabby thing. He lives next door, actually he lives outside most of the time. His adult parents let the children take care of him, so he doesn't get good care. A few weeks ago, he showed up with a foot that was swelled up bad, he wasn't able to walk on it. There was no blood so we figured maybe it was a bee sting or a cactus needle injury. I carried him to their door, and the kids said "yeah, we know about it", but nobody ever took him to the vet. He gets left out on freeze nights, and 100 degree days. Also he's not neutered, so before long there will be even more kittens on this block where we almost have a colony of roaming cats now. But we love this cat dearly. Originally it was him and his sister, Heart (who has won the Catmodel of the Week banner contest). I have not seen Heart for months, but there is another cat over there now, someone we don't know. I hope that Heart has a good home somewhere -- no idea where she is. Here is sweetie-pie Claw curled up in the feather grass. He is 100% adorable. I need to get him into the CotC gallery. Yes?

Update on the sick boys: Alex is feeling a little better. It hasn't quite been 2 weeks since he was overdosed by the vet, and it's supposed to take that long to get over it. He's still shaky and trembly, but tonight he pounced Henry (who is twice his size and then some) so he must be feeling better. Duncan is hanging in there, not eating very well and losing weight too fast. But he is playing a little, and purring like crazy. Duncan is not really going to get better. Time to go put medicine in his ear.

EDIT Friday night: We took Duncan in to the vet. He was having some problems breathing, like we were told to watch for. He had a lot of fluid in his lungs and other places where isn't supposed to be fluid, plus one lung was collapsed. They siphoned a lot of it out, and the good news is that his current blood work shows that he is not in kidney failure -- the previous readings must have been caused by the extreme dehydration from the medical rescue from his heart failure 3 weeks ago -- so he is not a kidney patient -- but he still has the heart problem. We can give him lasix though, which will help with the fluid buildup, and he feels much better tonight than last night. They shaved a big patch out of his side though, so the other cats will have something to tease him about. (((Duncan)))

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pissed off patricia said...

Maybe the neighbors would give or sell you the little cat and then you could bring him inside all the time and care for him. I would suggest stealing him but that wouldn't be nice of me. It would be nice for the little cat though.

Blueberry said...

All we need is one more bedroom! I would love to have him but we are already running a cat zoo/nursing home/hospice center. We can't travel overnight, have multiple meds and special foods to deal with everyday, Jax and Alex can't be mixed with the other cats and can never meet each other, and we have no money!! [sigh]... someday though. If they ever offer him to us, he would be hard to turn down.

MikeS said...

I do empathise on this issue. We have our four Burmese to feed and cosset, and a stray whom we feed. We simply do not have the space to take in the stray, adorable as she is. It is like a feline 'Sophie's choice'.

Babeth said...

We are relieved that Duncan is doing better. Never mind the indignity of having a bald side... when they tease you just give'm the good old broadside Duncan !

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