Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pierce Bush and the Queen of Austin

I saw this video over on Undeniable Liberalism, but it was created by Patriot Boy (Jesus General). It has a familiar... um... ass in it... and one not named "Bush":

The "sailor" there with Pierce, is none other than Austin icon, homeless cross-dresser, often Mayoral candidate, Leslie Cochran (who is famous enough here to not need a last name). Leslie [WIKI] [MySpace] can be found anywhere that big fun community stuff is happening, whether it's a festival or just walking up and down Sixth Street with everybody else.

As I commented on UL's blog, l'il Pierce has performed the sole positive and redeeming feat out of the whole family resume covered in the vid by posing for a pic with Leslie!

ps: who would name their kid "Pierce Bush"? What were they thinking? Even if he just uses the first initial with bush, it sounds funny.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

I don't care who ya are, now THAT'S funny, right there. Thanks for the shout-out and the beer on my monitor.
P Bush.......hahhaaaaaahahahaaaa.

Michael Bains said...

hahahahahaha!!! No doubt!

What serious nutters... {shakin'head}

Ellie said...

Ah Leslie, even I have met him. Facinating video, simply facinating.