Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Cat - The People's King

Here's Alex, the little King. He's not the King of the Cats anymore. They have figured out that he's half their size now (or less in some cases), and even though they're too nice to beat him up, they have no problem holding him back with one paw (even Duncan did that!). If cats could snicker...

Alex is still King of the Human Population, where the size of the cat doesn't matter as much, and attitude is more important. Alex got a depo (steroid) injection last week for his tummy, and is getting prednisone pills along with it, so he is also reigning King of the Steroids. He is sleeping a little better (thanks to the drugs). That tummy of his tends to keep him up all night, and if Alex is up... everybody is up.

Duncan update: he got an increase in his meds, and I am managing to pill him once a day for his decreased appetite, so he has been pretty stable. No news on him this week, just hanging in there. Everybody else seems fit as a fiddle... whatever that means.

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