Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oil Canned

Women said peer was 'demonically oppressed'
...Two women fired from UT-Arlington told supervisors that they prayed and rubbed religious oils on a co-worker's cubicle because they believed she was "demonically oppressed," according to personnel records the university released Friday...
What these women don't seem to understand is that it's actually OK if you want to pray in the workplace (but not aloud), but what's not OK is rubbing oil all over your co-workers' cubicle walls, whether they are there at the time or not. That's why they got fired and the man didn't.

Duh. Ask Jesus for some good sense next time.

And in a way, their prayers may have been answered. They don't have to put up with that demonically oppressed person anymore.


Nava said...

"...filed a lawsuit ... alleging that they were fired illegally last spring based on their religion, age and gender."

Based on their religion, age and gender? Huh!?
Hmm, classical case where it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Michael Bains said...

By golly, your're right. Prayer does work!

You so positive, Blueberry. :)

Ask Jesus for some good sense next time.

LOL! Not bloody likely, eh.

Hope your Solstice was Sublime, m'lady. C ya!